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12-Lead ECG Course
12-Lead ECG Course

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Course consists of three one-hour (approx) videos discussing the 12-Lead ECG. 3 hours of CE are authorized for Paramedics AND RN's. This course IS NOT INCLUDED in the ACE Prep Course, this is supplementary.

This course begins with the most basic principles of 12-Lead ECG analysis. Identifying the 12-Lead patient, obtaining a clean, accurate, quick 12-Lead ECG. Basics of the 12-Lead machine printout is discussed so you'll be an expert in all the little nuance's of the ECG. By the end of the first video, you'll have all the basics down as well as be able to identify ST elevation and pathological vs. physiological Q-waves.

The second video continues from the first by identifying a standard 'routine' to evaluate the 12-Lead ECG for indicators of an acute coronary event. Multiple practice 12-leads are walked through step by step demonstrating the identification and localization of an acute myocardial infarction.

The third and last video will begin by reviewing some of the common pitfalls in mis-identification during 12-lead analysis and culminates with axis deviation, fascicular blocks, bi-fascicular blocks and some of the fatal symdromes that may be identified on the 12-lead. By the end of this course, you will have all the building blocks necessary to systematically assess and identify the acute coronary syndromes via 12-Lead ECG and more importantly, predict future deterioration before it occurs. You'll be a rock star when it comes to interpreting 12-Leads!

This course is accepted and recognized as a critical care CE curriculum by agencies such as the BCCTPC, UMBC and others.

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