The ResQ Shop, LLC and AVSTAR Media have partnered to deliver the ACE PREP COURSE. We’re happy you’ve chosen us to provide your preparatory training for challenging the FP-C and/or CFRN exams, or perhaps, refreshing on this critical care training for certificate holders that are renewing.

To begin watching the videos;

  1. Go to www.avstarmediaonline.com You will see a login screen to enter your credentials.
  1. Enter the username and password credentials you were provided with via email. Remember to enter these exactly as provided, the fields are case sensitive. If you encounter difficulty, please verify your CAPS LOCK is not on, and try again.
  1. Once logged in, you should see the main menu screen.
  1. You should notice the following;
    1. The training series Modules and their associated videos and quizzes are on the left hand margin. If you only see a ‘plus’ sign next to the Module name, click the ‘plus’ sign icon to drop the video and quiz titles into view. Each module has one video and one quiz.
    2. The second column has a Launch icon (lightening bolt)
    3. The status column quickly advises if you’ve completed that block of instruction. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU CAN ATTEMPT THE QUIZ.
    4. Your quiz score will be revealed in the far right column. YOU MUST PASS THE QUIZ WITH AN 80% TO OBTAIN CE CREDIT. Should you fail to meet the 80%, you will be permitted to retest as many times as necessary.
  1. To start a video (and subsequently a quiz), select the corresponding ‘launch’ lightening bolt icon. YOU MAY NOT TAKE A QUIZ UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE WATCHED THE ASSOCIATED EDUCATION VIDEO.
  1. When playing a video, the standard play/pause button will appear at the bottom left and the time remaining will be at bottom right. The video will open in a different window, you should leave your browser windows open if possible, they should update as you complete training tasks. If they do not, simply press the refresh button on your browser.
  1. Once you have passed a quiz, you may go to the Certificate Locker by clicking the Certificate button at the top right of the main menu screen. Your CE certificate will be ready for printing immediately.
  1. Once in the Certificate Locker, you can click the printer icon for your CE certificate. It will be to the far right of the CE exam title you choose to print.
  1. When presented with the certificate, you may print it immediately (recommended) by selecting File, then Print from your browser window. You can also download an electronic copy to your computer by clicking the Disk icon at the top left of the certificate window. All CE’s are in Adobe PDF format. You can find a free downloadable reader online should you require one.
  1. To return to the main menu, select the Courseware button at the top right of the CE locker’s window.
  1. If you need to print your CE certificate with a ‘full legal name’ instead of the name entered by our staff, you can select Edit Profile from the main menu screen and re-enter your name there. You can also change your password on this screen.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We can be reached at;

Email support@theresqshop.com

Mail The ResQ Shop, LLC

1051 Meadow West Dr.

El Paso, TX 79932