We offer a full series of video training opportunities that will prepare the user to tackle tough exams like the FP-C and CFRN. Many have used these videos to augment their studies for other exams like the CTRN, CP-C, CEN, CCRN and others. Keep in mind, these videos were written and tailored to prep the experienced critical care transport provider for their respective certification exams. This material is not intended for those brand new to critical care. While the videos will undoubtedly prove enlightening on many things, the pace and brevity with which some topics are reviewed is not for the novice provider.


General Information

The Aeromedical Certification Examinations or "ACE" PREP COURSE was designed after years of lecturing live courses around the country at various flight programs. With hours upon hours of refinement, the course was expanded to include twenty-one hours of instruction reviewing the common materials tested on the Flight Paramedic Certification (FP-C) and the Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) exams. The series begins with an introduction to the author, Will Wingfield, an EMS/Flight Medicine veteran of over 20 years and a test overview, then builds from topic to topic in a very coordinated fashion. As such, we recommend watching the videos in their sequential order as each lecture builds from materials in previous talks. We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE you will learn something! Our test success rates are second to none, just ask anyone that has taken our course.


The ACE PREP COURSE has been authorized by the BCCTPC as an 'approved FP-C certification review course' and as such meets their review course requirements for FP-C candidate wishing to renew their license via CE. (Please note, the CE renewal process at the time of this page creation requires 100 hours of approved CE's and 16 hours of that must be an approved FP-C certification review course, such as ours (our course provides 21 hours, over 20% of the total hourly requirement). You can find their requirements listed here.) The price for the FP-C/CFRN renewals is $150.00. To obtain this discount pricing, simply purchase the complete series at the $300.00 price and then send us an email with your legal name, date of purchase and FP-C or CFRN certification number. Upon verification we will refund $150.00 to the credit card used to purchase the series. Once the complete series is viewed and all CE quizzes completed, send us a second email and we will issue you our "official" Refresher Course Certificate for submission to the BCCTPC with your additional CE's.


The video license you purchase will allow you unlimited viewing of the video(s) for up to one year from the date you are issued your login credentials. Once you successfully pass a CE quiz (80%), the CE certificate will be available for printing/download. Your video license allows only the purchaser to view the videos. Anyone found sharing, exhibiting or exploiting this license requirement will be immediately locked out of the system and all CE's forfeited. If the license was purchased by a company (employer), said employer will be notified immediately.

System Requirements/Limitations

The videos will stream via the internet using a Flash protocol. As such, any Windows or Mac OS will play these videos. The videos have been tested on all standard internet browsers, at this time we believe all function correctly and completely. The videos 'bookmark' as you watch them. Should you need to stop watching a video prior to completion, the video will return to the last automatic bookmark upon restarting. If you would like to watch these flash videos on an iPad or iPhone, you can do so by using any app that allows your device to play Flash video.

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List Price: $300.00
Our Price: $300.00
Corp Price: Bronze $250.00
Corp Price: Silver $200.00
Corp Price: Gold $100.00
FP-C & CFRN Renewal $150.00
12-Lead ECG Course
Our Price: $60.00
ACID BASE BALANCE & O2 MANAGEMENT  -SINGLE MODULE- Respiratory Emergencies and Ventilator Management -SINGLE MODULE- Airway Management  -SINGLE MODULE-
CAMTS & Flight Safety  -SINGLE MODULE- General Medical and Endocrine Emergencies  -SINGLE MODULE- Cardiac Emergencies  -SINGLE MODULE-
Trauma & Hematology -SINGLE MODULE- Pediatric & Neonatal Emergencies -SINGLE MODULE- Environmental & Toxicological Emergencies -SINGLE MODULE-
Neurological Emergencies -SINGLE MODULE- High Risk OB -SINGLE MODULE-